Constantin Nautics is one of the largest companies manufacturing and selling nautical accessories. We are present in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

Our company entered the German market 6 years ago and we are currently expanding. Expanding for us means crossing more borders.

The quality of our products starts with the selection of the highest quality, European materials, as well as with the improvement of the production processes and finally with the testing and detailed quality control of the final product.

Our ambition and commitment have led to spectacular collaborations, including companies such as Coca Cola, Corona beer, Schweppes, Forbes magazine and many other companies in various sectors.

When selling to different companies, we can ensure the development of personalized offers.

Choose us as your supplier for everything that means a wide range of handmade accessories with nautical themes, to luxury products with silver and gold clasps.

For corporate sales service, please email us at

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